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Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N Dual H Bridge

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L298N is a high voltage, high current motor drive chip. The chip is packaged in 15 feet. The main features are: high working voltage, maximum working voltage of 46V; The output current is large, the instantaneous peak current can be triple-a, and the constant current is 2A. Rated power 25W. The high voltage large current full bridge drive with two H Bridges can be used to drive the inductive load such as dc motor and stepper motor and relay coil. Adopting standard logic level signal control; Having two enabling control terminals that allow or prohibit device work without the influence of input signals with a logical power input terminal that enables the internal logic circuit to work under low voltage; Electrical resistance can be detected and the change is feedback to the control circuit. Using the L298N chip drive motor, the chip can drive a two-phase stepping motor or four-phase step motor, and can also drive two dc motors.

Product description:
Work mode: H bridge drive (double road)
Main control chip: L298N
Logical voltage: 5V
Drive voltage: 5v-35v
Logical current: 0mA - 36mA
Driving current: 2A (MAX single bridge)
Storage temperature: - 20 ° to + 135 °
Maximum power: 25W
Weight: 30 g
Peripheral dimensions: 43 * 43 * 27mm

You can enter the speed and direction of the PWM signal from IN1 IN2
The speed and direction of the motor 2 can be driven from IN3 IN4 input PWM signal

  • 5V-35V 25w