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Water Flow Sensor 1-30L/min Flowmeter Hall Flow Sensor Water Control 1/2" 2.0MPa

Cannot exceed the available quanity Ready stock 1 Nos

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The water flow sensor is mainly composed of a plastic valve body, a water flow rotor assembly and a Hall sensor.
It is installed at the water inlet of the water heater and is used to detect the influent flow when the water passes through the rotor assembly.
The magnetic rotor rotates and the rotation speed changes with the flow rate, and the Hall sensor outputs corresponding pulses
The signal is fed back to the controller, and the controller judges the size of the water flow for regulation.
Use cautions:
Severe impact and chemical attack are strictly prohibited.
Do not throw or bump.
Vertical installation, the inclination does not exceed 5°.
The medium temperature should not exceed 1200℃
1、Red IN to positive
2、Yellow OUT signal output line
3、Black GND to negative
Interface mode: 2 heads and 4 extra teeth 20mm, G1/2, one quick connector
Connection mode: Red positive, black negative, yellow signal output
Working water pressure: less than 1.75MPA
Operating voltage: 3-24V
Operating current: less than 15mAHTB1ZLOSjFkoBKNjSZFkq6z4tFXaH